Email Templates: creation & use

What it is: email templates allow you to create a predefined email for quick and easy use in sending to a homeowner.  We recommend that you create a template for each stage of your sales funnel.  For example, create a template for when a lead first comes in, when you’ve scheduled an appointment, when you’re working on their bid and so on.  We also recommend that you use each email you send as an opportunity to educate and build trust.  Those that do this will find that each homeowner will see the value you have to offer and it’ll become less about price and more about the relationship you’ve created.

How to create one:  Navigate to the Settings screen and the click on Template Library.

Screen_Shot_2014-12-09_at_3_02_58_PM 2

Once there, click on the “Add New Template” and select “Email” from the menu.



Give the email a Title (for internal use only) and Subject line and then type the body of the email.  There is a full editor, much like Microsoft Word, that allows you to edit the formatting of the text.  In creating email templates, it’s important to learn how to use Merge Fields, click here to do so.


How to use it: Once you’ve create a template, you can use it in sending an email through a bid.  Click on the “Email” button within a bid.


This will bring up a separate window.  In this window you can either type out an email or select a template.  Once you select a template you can edit the content for that particular email.