Showing the Bid to the homeowner

Once you’ve created a bid and you’re ready to show your potential customer you have a few different options to do so.  You can download the PDF version or send them a link to the Web Bid version.

PDF Version:
To access the PDF version of the bid, simply click on the Bid Docs button and select “Bid PDF” from the menu.


This will create a PDF version of your bid and depending on your computer settings, will either download to your downloads folder or desktop or load the PDF in your browser window.  Once downloaded you can attach it to an email (although there’s a better option, keep reading), print it or keep it on your computer.

Web Bid version:
The web version of the bid creates a beautiful and interactive version of your bid.  This allows the homeowner to select options and upgrades (if applicable), view photos, videos and accept the bid directly online.  They can also download a PDF version directly from the Web Bid Version.  Click here to learn more about using the Web Bid Version.

To access the Web Bid version yourself simply click on the Bid Docs button and select “Web Bid” from the menu.

Screen_Shot_2014-12-09_at_10_59_13_AM 2

This will load a new tab in your browser with the Web Bid in it.  To share the web bid with the homeowner, simply copy URL of the Web Bid from the browser and paste it into an email.  The URL will look something like this:  (be sure to copy and paste the entire URL).

The Better Way: you can use the email function within BizRevr to send a link directly to the homeowner without having to hassle with copying and pasting as just explained.  To do this, click the email button on the Bid Detail page.  This will load a window in which you can select an email template.  You can set up an email template to link to the Web Bid.  Select the appropriate template.



In the template selected, you’ll see the link to the Web Bid.

Make any edits you want to the email and then click the “Send” button.  When the homeowner clicks the bid link they’ll be taken directly to the Web Bid.