Understanding and using Merge Fields

What is a merge field: Merge fields allow you to use system data in email templates.  To access a merge field, from within the email templates editor, click on the icon that looks like 3 bars:



How to use merge fields: If I wanted to use the person’s First name in an email, I would create the email template to use the merge field.  That way, every time I use that template, I don’t have to type out that person’s name.  So the email template would look like this:
Hi {{ contact.first_name }},

With this, if you were sending an email to Bob, the system knows who it is you’re sending an email to and will automatically pull in that person’s first name.  So when the recipient gets the email, it would read:
Hi Bob,

You can do this with all sorts of data from the system, giving you the option to create meaningful emails.

Available Merge Fields:

  • Contact First Name
  • Contact Last Name
  • Contact Company Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone 1
  • Contact Phone 2
  • Contact Lead Source
  • Bid Address
  • Bid ID
  • Bid Presentation Link
  • Bid Assigned Rep First Name
  • Bid Assigned Rep Last Name
  • Bid Assigned Rep Email
  • Bid Assigned Rep Mobile
  • Bid Assigned Rep Email Signature
  • User Company Name
  • User Company Street
  • User Company City
  • User Company State
  • User Company Country
  • User Company Postal Code
  • User Company Phone
  • User Company Fax
  • User Company Website
  • Logged-in User First Name
  • Logged-in User Last Name
  • Logged-in User Email
  • Logged-in User Mobile
  • Logged-in User Email Signature


Custom Fields are also available as merge fields.